All training programs are meticulously designed with the student in mind to ensure a productive environment, prevent injuries and promote excellence with a good job. The fundamental objective of our program is to create professionals who work in the world of dance at the highest level.

The Training Program is designed for students between the ages of 14 and 22 who are interested in being dancers and are available to study mornings or afternoons. These selected groups (Juniors, Seniors) must have an elementary or intermediate level of dance.

Senior dancers work Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 15:30 pm, juniors work in the afternoon from 5.30 to 8.00. The program is four years long. However, many of the dancers find employment at the end of the second or third year, since they are offered, throughout their career, a set of auditions and contests for which to audition.

Young training dancers work general ballet technique according to the Cuban school preparing for university exams, competitions and auditions, and at the same time have the possibility to be part of BCN CITY BALLET completing their training with scene practice.

If you want to have a career in dance, choreography or dance methodology, there is no better place to learn than the Barcelona Dance Center. You will be instructed by the best professionals who work in dance.

For international students it is necessary to access through a video or face-to-face audition.

Scholarship Program for Male Dancers

BDC wants to announce that this year it is launching a new exceptional training fellowship program for young male dancers.

In the men’s program we work specific techniques for boys in Cuban ballet, with special relevance in loads, jumps, pirouettes and steps. The program opens if there is enough male men to follow it in particular. Otherwise, by the decision of the teachers, special schedules are established for special attention to the characteristics of male members.


Each year, BDC awards a limited number of merit scholarships to students with extraordinary potential. To enroll, email your resume and a video of a classic and a contemporary variation.

These scholarships are especially aimed at:
– Dancers and dancers with very special skills detected by the school principal or her representatives around the world.
– Dancers and dancers with important scenic growth potential.
– All those selected must prove a lower or similar household income to the average interprofessional minimum wage in their country of residence. If it cannot be accredited, the training centre will assess its concession.

The face-to-face auditions are held in Barcelona, at Calle María Barrientos 20, the headquarters of the school, or at the headquarters that is determined at any time according to the school.

For more information, contact or call 934910406

Vocational training

The Barcelona Dance Center offers a training program of two to four training courses. The different subjects are divided into 2 semesters in each course, and in two specialties: Classical Dance and Contemporary Dance.

Dancers receive training from both specialties during the first years of training at school and are eligible for specialization from the third. Students who plan to attend only one year take the mixed course of both specialties.

Personalized attention and guidance from BDC teachers will help prepare each student for professional screening. Monthly students meet with direction to evaluate their development, trajectory, and personal issues.

The curriculum is based on classical dance and contemporary dance as main disciplines and is complemented by different related subjects in a program that throughout learning will encourage varied and comprehensive training.

The exams are held by professors at the King Juan Carlos University in June of each year, at the end of the course, and the student, having passed the exam, obtains an official degree from the University Institute of Dance “Alicia Alonso” Universidad del Rey Juan Carlos, an institution to which the BDC is formatively associated.